Western MA Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition

Region 1 is comprised of the westernmost MA Counties.

The FRCOG serves as the sponsoring agency of a 94-town Western Massachusetts Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC) funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The HMCC  coordinates public health and medical emergency preparedness in Region 1 (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties).

The following link provides an Introduction to the Western MA HMCC.

Stakeholders participating in facilitated planning for the HMCC.


Current Projects

In the early summer of 2016, the Coalition Steering Committee ratified the coalition’s work plan for the coming program year. The work plan identifies planning and response coordination elements for the coalition to work on in the near future, and includes:

  • Completion of a regional Emergency Coordination Plan
  • Development of 24-7 on call staff response coordination capacity 
  • Identification of training and exercise needs amongst the core disciplines

View the coming program year at a glance.


Region 1 HMCC Documents – Response Coordination

Region 1 HMCC Documents – General

Planning Guides and Toolkits



HMCC Calendar

Coalition Membership/Leadership

Coalition membership is open to any and all organizations that have a stake in health and medical preparedness and response. An organization interested in joining the Coalition can contact HMCC staff and request inclusion on the Coalition mailing list.

The Coalition is guided by five core disciplines that engage in health and medical preparedness and response: hospitals, EMS, local public health, long-term care facilities, and community health centers. These Disciplinary Coordinating Groups serve as the primary communications link between the full coalition and the disciplines. More information on the Disciplinary Coordinating Groups can be found in the Introduction to the Western MA HMCC.

As the Coalition grows, it will actively seek other health and medical partners, such as school nurses, addiction treatment and detox centers, ambulatory care centers, etc.

The coalition is led collaboratively by HMCC staff, regional DPH staff, and a 10-member Steering Committee. Two representatives from each of the five core disciplines serve a two year term.  The following link provides Contact Information for the HMCC Steering Committee.


Steering Committee Meeting Minutes



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