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Opioid Task Force presents to FRCOG Council

Task Force Coordinator Marisa Hebble takes questions from Council Members

Task Force Coordinator Marisa Hebble takes questions from Council Members

At their July meeting, FRCOG Council Members received an update from Marisa Hebble, Coordinator of the Franklin, Hampshire and North Quabbin Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force.

To view the presentation, click here.

2014-2015 Selectboard Essentials Calendar Available

The 2014-2015 Selectboard Essentials Calendar is now available. The purpose of these monthly workshops is to provide new and veteran Selectboard members with continuing education on statutory requirements, best practices, and emerging issues of town governance. Other town officials are always welcome. The workshops are free but we request that you register ahead of time.

Municipal Financial Management Workshop Series

We are hosting a fall Municipal Financial Management Training Series beginning in September.  The purpose of the workshops is to provide new and veteran Finance Committee members, Select Board members, and other interested town officials with in-depth training on municipal financial management. The Municipal Financial Management Calendar is available with dates and times of the workshops.

New Pavement Preservation Technique at work in Franklin County

Any idea what this fiery machine is heading for Erving State Forest?

Hot in Place Recycling is a new paving method where high intensity propane heaters soften the existing pavement, then scarifiers dig up the pavement down an inch or so,  an emulsion is used to rejuvenate the pavement, mixing with the hot asphalt, the pavement is rolled, and all the cracks, ruts and holes are leveled.  The pavement preservation process reduces cost, is environmentally friendly, and minimizes traffic disruption.  The process is being used under FRCOG contract in Erving, Montague, and Heath this summer.  Want more information?  Email

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Franklin County’s Prevention work recognized at the White House

The Communities That Care Coalition (CTC) presented at the White House on June 10th at a one-day summit on prevention in education. The summit was co-hosted by the Federal Department of Education and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and brought together approximately 30 of the top policy-makers in education and in youth substance abuse prevention. Kat Allen (FRCOG Partnership for Youth Co-Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Coalition since 2004) represented the Coalition in a panel of four educational “successful programs”.

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