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Tri-State Region Economic Development Planning

In late summer 2013, Entergy announced that the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (VY) in Vernon, VT would no longer operate as a nuclear energy production facility. On December 31, 2014, VY ceased its energy generation operations and began the…

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Turners Falls Tree Inventory Released

The Turners Falls Tree Inventory was completed in fall of 2015 and provides the Town of Montague with a GIS (geographic information system) data layer with each tree’s location, genus, species, common name, height, canopy spread, condition and other vital information.…

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Whately Food Assessment Released

The Whately Food Assessment was completed in December 2015 and helps the Whately Agricultural Commission make the case for protecting one of Whately's greatest assets - it's excellent farmland. The report, presented as a series of infographics, is available at the…

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