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Need extra help managing emergencies?

The Franklin County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC), with support from the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council, has been working on a project to bring a multi-agency coordination center (MACC) to Franklin County. The MACC will augment local emergency…

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WRHSAC & FBI Host Symposium

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (WRHSAC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hosted an informational symposium on active shooter incidents in March at the Deerfield Academy. More than 600 people from throughout western Massachusetts representing multiple disciplines…

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Accountants Train at MMAAA School

In March, FRCOG Town Accounting Program staff attended the education and training program held annually at UMass-Amherst and sponsored by the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors and Accountants Association (MMAAA). The two and a half day training program offers four tracks of…

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“Community Voices” on local youth substance use

The Communities That Care Coalition recently completed a set of key informant interviews and parent and youth focus groups as a part of a community assessment on the topic of youth substance use. Findings from these focus groups and interviews are…

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