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The 2020 U.S. Census. It’s safe, easy, and important. And we need your help!

Please help spread the message that the 2020 Census is safe, easy, and important.  Talk to your friends and families. Post a message or video clip on social media. Hang a poster at your office or where people gather in your community. Check out our list of resources (including links to video clips, posters, FAQs, and more) at:

From March 12 to March 20, every household will receive an invitation to complete the 2020 US Census. Responses can be submitted online, by telephone, by mail, or in-person by an official Census-taker. It is important that everyone is counted. This data is used to determine our political representation and how much federal and state funding comes to our region. It is estimated that if 3 out of every 100 people in Franklin County are not counted, we could lose up to $50 million in funding over a ten-year period. For more information, check out MIRA Coalition’s 2020 Census: Frequently Asked Questions or visit


Given the current situation with COVID-19, most Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QACs) are not available currently or in the near term. Please contact the QAC directly to confirm their status and hours of operation.  Click here for the list of QACs in Franklin County as of March 12, 2020 at 3:30 pm (PDF, 497 kb)

However, there are other resources to helpfully guide people when responding to the 2020 Census questionnaire:

Video guide on how to respond online, available in 63 language options –

Online guide on how to respond by phone, available in 17 language options –




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