frcog staff 2014The Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) is a regional service organization serving the twenty-six towns of Franklin County. Franklin County is the most rural county in Massachusetts with a population of 72,000 over 725 square miles and located in the upper Connecticut River Valley in Western Massachusetts.

The FRCOG is the former county government, which was abolished in 1997 and reestablished as a voluntary membership organization. Today the FRCOG operates 12 programs with more than 40 staff. Our annual operating budget is approximately $3 million. The organization’s focus is overseen and directed by a 29-member Council.

FRCOG Organizational Chart: frcog-org-chart-2017.

Core Values of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments

The Franklin Regional Council of Governments serves the communities of Franklin County individually and collectively. We are committed to serving town governments, municipal boards and committees, businesses, and our citizens. We work collaboratively with other regions and other organizations. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of municipal governmental functions and improve quality of life in our region.

We advocate on behalf of our communities and the county at the federal, state and regional levels. We work together to advocate for legislative action, social policy, and governmental programming that recognize the unique character and conditions of our rural area.

We believe leadership in education, collaboration and capacity building to be important parts of strengthening the individual, the community, and the region and take care to inspire community involvement and democracy. We recognize that a healthy community requires balancing diverse needs such as those of economic development and natural resource protection, or the needs of one community with the needs of the region.

Quality and Professionalism
We provide high quality services through well-trained, technically proficient staff; to offer informed and professional technical assistance; and to be accountable to towns, the public, and granting authorities.