Main Phone Number: 413-774-3167

Name TitleDepartmentPhone ExtensionEmail Address
Allen, KatCoalition CoordinatorPartnership for
Atwood, JessicaEconomic Development Program
Audley, JenCHIP Project CoordinatorCommunity Health Improvement
Batchelder, EllenAssistant Procurement OfficerCollective
Boyd, RebekahAdministrative Services
Brothers, ChrisOn-Line Permit Administrator/Department ClerkCooperative
Brown, Raine Homeland Security Program ManagerHomeland
Choate, JackieRegional Public Health NurseCooperative Public Health Service106 (Prog. Manager's Ext.)
Clary, RyanSenior GIS
Crochier, RandyHealth District Program ManagerCooperative Public Health
Danek Burke, LisaRegional Health AgentCooperative Public Health
Dean, BobDirector of Regional
Degnan, ErinTown Accountant
Doster, AmandaRegional Projects
Ermin, BillElectrical Inspector, AlternateCooperative Inspections115
Dunlavy, LindaExecutive
Fisher, KalaTown
Fitzgerald, SiobhanParent Engagement FacilitatorPartnership for
Figueroa, Leigh-EllenPrevention in Schools SpecialistPartnership for
Flanders, TamsinLand Use and Natural Resources
French, AndyPlumbing & Gas InspectorCooperative
Gage, AllisonLand Use and Natural Resources
Gerjuoy, IlanaPrevention Strategies CoordinatorPartnership for Youth
Giannini, BethSenior Transportation Planner
Gross, LindaAssistant Finance
Hawkins, JamesProgram Manager/Building CommissionerCooperative
Jacobs, KeyedryaCommunity Engagement & Program AssociatePartnership For
Jacobson-Carroll, LizAdministrative Services
Jones, DebbieTown Accountant
Kociela, MikeTown
Langnecht, StaceyYouth Engagement FacilitatorPartnership For
LaPlante, DaraTown
Lemelin, PaulZoning & Software Support AssistantCooperative
Licata, NickAssistant PlannerEmergency
MacPhee, Kimberly N. Land Use/Natural Resources Program
Maloni, MarkSenior Public Health PlannerEmergency
Mason, RachelHomeland Security Program AssistantHomeland
McDonald, TomElectrical InspectorCooperative
McGinnis, ClaireDirector of
Muka, JoyceTown
Mullaney, MaureenTransportation & GIS Program Manager
Nordstrom, DavidTown Accountant</a
O' Reilly, MaureenHealth Educator/ EpidemiologistCooperative Public Health
Patton, SarahEarly Childhood Health Educator
Rhodes, MeganSenior Transportation & Land Use
Roberts, DavidLocal InspectorCooperative
Rogers, ChetPlumbing & Gas Inspector, AlternateCooperative Inspections112
Rogers, TracyEmergency Preparedness Program ManagerEmergency
Ryan, MegRegional Public Health NurseCooperative Public Health
Scarbrough, LaurieTransportation Planning
Schellenberg, KurtRegional Health AgentCooperative Public Health
Seaman, KurtRadio System ManagerEmergency
Sloan, PeggyDirector of Planning &
Solomon, LauriEmergency Preparedness PlannerEmergency
Stoler, RachelCommunity Health Program ManagerPartnership for
Sylvain, XanderEmergency Preparedness Program AssistantEmergency
Thomas, CathrynTown
Voas, JeanettePublic Health EducatorCooperative Public Health
Walker, PhoebeDirector of Community
White, LisaRegional Public Health NurseCooperative Public Health
Woodring, ValerieSenior Emergency Preparedness PlannerEmergency
Woods, AndreaChief Procurement OfficerCollective
Wroblewski, BarbaraNursing Technical AssistantCooperative Public Health
Younger, KaraYouth Engagement FacilitatorPartnership For Youth
Zamojski, MelaniePublic Health NurseCooperative Public Health