Amendment to 2016 UPWP released for 30-day public comment

An amendment to the 2016 UPWP Franklin 2016 UPWP  has been released for a 30-day public comment period beginning Monday,  March 28, 2016  and ending on Wednesday, April 27, 2016.   This amendment proposes replacing a current project, “Parking Inventory and Analysis for Downtown Turners Falls” with a new project, “Sidewalk Inventory Update for Downtown Turners Falls.”  The parking inventory project had been requested by the Town of Montague, but in the time since the current UPWP was endorsed, the Town was able to secure a MassWorks grant to construct a new parking facility.  This grant caused the Parking Inventory project to no longer be necessary.  The new proposed project will also be an inventory of downtown Turners Falls infrastructure, will cover the same study area, and will  have the same budget.  A description of the proposed project can be found here.  Comments on the proposed amendment can be sent to Megan Rhodes, Senior Transportation and Land Use Planner at or 413-77-316 x132.