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Rural Policy Advisory Commission Drafting MA Rural Policy Plan

The Rural Policy Advisory Commission (RPAC) is drafting a Rural Policy Plan to identify, highlight and offer policy recommendations related to the unique issues and challenges faced by rural Massachusetts. The Plan provides a socioeconomic summary of rural Massachusetts and addresses 15 focus areas identified through listening sessions held in late 2018. The goal of the RPP is to provide a thorough but succinct outline of each Focus Area that identifies the issue and highlights sub-regional differences, describes current related state policies and a best practices from MA or another part of the country or world, and provides prioritized recommendations. Members of the RPAC and rural Regional Planning Agencies have shared in the effort to engage and solicit input from a large swath of stakeholders throughout Massachusetts through meetings and other efforts, and are sharing in the writing of the Plan.

The RPAC is conducting a final review of the Plan and prioritizing recommendations.  Check back soon for the final version of the Plan.