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The FRCOG Council is the oversight board of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments. Its primary role is to oversee the projects and activities of the FRCOG, adopt policies, and develop and endorse the FRCOG’s annual operating budget.


One Select Board member or assigned representative from each of the 26 towns of Franklin County, two Regionally Elected members with  three-year terms, and one representative of the Franklin Regional Planning Board, which acts in an advisory capacity on planning issues to the FRCOG, make up  the full 29-person Council membership.

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The Charter that created the FRCOG in 1997 established use of different mechanisms for policy and financial votes:

  • The Council decides simple policy issues by a majority vote of the quorum present.
  • A weighted majority vote of the quorum present determines financial questions. Weighted votes are based on a formula that reflects a 10% weight for the Town’s share of the county’s total population (population of Franklin County ~ 72,000) and a 90% weight for its share of the total membership’s equalized property valuation (EQV), based on the latest figures available from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

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Meetings, Minutes, and Agendas

The FRCOG Council meets quarterly. Typically the meetings are held on the third Thursdays of July, October, April,  and the third or fourth Thursday of January. (The January date varies to accommodate Council member attendance at the Massachusetts Municipal Association Annual Conference.)  Agendas can be found 5-7 days before the Council is scheduled to convene on the FRCOG Meeting Calendar.

Fiscal Year 2022 Minutes & Materials

FRCOG FY23 Approved Budget
FRCOG Programs Updates January 2022

Council Minutes, October 2021
FRCOG Council and Programs Updates, October 2021
Fiscal Review

Council Minutes, July 2021
FRCOG Council and Programs Updates, July 2021

Fiscal Year 2021 Minutes & Materials

Council Minutes, April 2021
FRCOG Programs Updates, April 2021

Council Minutes, January 2021
FY22 Municipal Assessments
FY22 FCECS Assessment Summary
FRCOG FY22 Approved Budget
FRCOG Programs Updates, January 2021

Council Minutes, October 2020
FRCOG Programs Updates, October 2020

Fiscal Review for FY22 Budget Development

Council Minutes, July 2020
FRCOG Programs Updates, July 2020

May (Emergency Council Meeting)
Council Minutes, May 2020

Fiscal Year 2020 Minutes & Materials

The April Council meeting was postponed; however, Council members did receive the quarterly Council Updates (see below).
FRCOG Programs Updates April 2020

Council Minutes, January 2020
FY21 Approved Budget
FRCOG Programs Updates, January 2020

Council Minutes, October 2019
Fiscal Review for FY21 Budget Development
FRCOG Programs Updates, October 2019

Council Minutes, July 2019
FRCOG Programs Updates, July 2019

Fiscal Year 2019 Minutes & Materials

Council Minutes, January 2019
FY20 Approved Budget

FRCOG Program Updates, Winter 2019

Council Minutes, October 2018
FRCOG Programs Updates, Fall 2018

Fiscal Review for FY20 Budget Development
A Decade of Climate Resiliency Planning: A FRCOG Land Use and Natural Resources Presentation

Council Minutes, July 2018
FRCOG Programs Updates, Summer 2018
Disaster Service Leave DRAFT 2nd and Final Reading 2018.7.19
Policy Revsions DRAFT 2nd and Final Reading 2018.7.19

Fiscal Year 2018 Minutes & Materials
Council Minutes, April 2018
Council Minutes, January 2018
Council Minutes, October 2017
Council Minutes, July 2017
FY19 Fiscal and Program Review

Fiscal Year 2017 Minutes & Materials
Council Minutes, April 2017
Council Minutes, January 2017
Council Minutes, November 2016
Council Minutes, July 2016
FY18 Budget Development Workbook

Fiscal Year 2016 Minutes & Materials
Council Minutes, April 2016
Council Minutes, January 2016
Council Minutes October, 2015
Council Minutes, July 2015
FRCOG FY17 Budget Development Workbook

Fiscal Year 2015 Minutes & Materials
Minutes, April 2015
Minutes, January 2015
Minutes, October 2014
Minutes, July 2014    and  Opioid Task Force Presentation
Minutes July, 2014 Joint Pipeline Meeting DRAFT   and  Kinder Morgan Pipeline Presentation Q & A and Kinder Morgan Pipeline Materials

Important Council Documents 

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