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The Franklin Regional Council of Governments receives federal transportation funds through a contract with MassDOT to conduct regional transportation planning on behalf of Franklin County towns. Overseeing this work is the Franklin County Transportation Planning Organization (FCTPO), a group of local, regional and state stakeholders that meets monthly to direct transportation planning studies, and to prioritize federal transportation construction funds coming to Franklin County. The committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the William B. Allen meeting room on the first floor of the John W. Olver Transit Center in Greenfield, MA. The FCTPO is responsible for developing the Franklin County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that prioritizes construction projects, the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) that outlines work tasks of the FRCOG transportation planning staff, and the Long Range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that looks at the entirety of the Franklin County transportation network over a 25-year time horizon. Conducting this work depends on significant public involvement, and requires that plans and programs consider all modes of transportation, and support community development and social goals.  The FCTPO is comprised of the following:

  • Secretary of Transportation and CEO of MassDOT, Chair of the FCTPO
  • Administrator of MassDOT Highway Division
  • Franklin Regional Council of Governments Executive Committee Chair
  • Franklin Regional Transit Authority Chair
  • Franklin Regional Council of Governments Regionally-Elected Official
  • Mayor of Greenfield
  • Three Franklin County Sub-Regional Appointments, one from each of the following three geographic areas:
West County Central County East County
CharlemontDeerfieldNew Salem

In addition, the Chair of the Franklin Regional Planning Board or his/her designee, and a representative from both the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are considered ex-officio, non-voting members of the FCTPO.

FCTPO Meeting Minutes:


TPO Minutes January 25, 2022

TPO Minutes August 24, 2021
TPO Minutes July 27, 2021
TPO Minutes May 25, 2021
TPO Minutes April 27, 2021
TPO Minutes March 23, 2021
TPO Minutes February 23, 2021

TPO Minutes September 22, 2020
TPO Minutes July 28, 2020
TPO Minutes June 23, 2020
TPO Minutes May 26, 2020
TPO Minutes April 28, 2020
TPO minutes March 24, 2020
TPO Minutes February 25, 2025
TPO Minutes January 28, 2020

TPO Minutes January 22, 2019
TPO Minutes February 26, 2019
TPO Minutes March 26, 2019
TPO Minutes April 23, 2019
TPO Minutes May 28, 2019
TPO minutes June 25, 2019
TPO minutes July 23, 2019

TPO Minutes for January 23, 2018
TPO Minutes for February 27, 2018
TPO Minutes for March 27, 2018
TPO Minutes for April 24, 2018
TPO Minutes May 22, 2018
TPO Minutes July 24, 2018
TPO Minutes August 28, 2018
TPO minutes October 23, 2018

TPO minutes for January 31, 2017
TPO Minutes for March 28, 2017
TPO Minutes for April 25, 2017
TPO Minutes for May 23, 2017
TPO Minutes for August 22, 2017
TPO Minutes for October 24, 2017
TPO Minutes for November 28, 2017

TPO minutes for March 23, 2016
TPO minutes for June 22, 2016
TPO minutes for July 25, 2016

TPO minutes for February 3, 2015
TPO minutes for April 15, 2015
TPO minutes for June 23, 2015
TPO minutes for July 28, 2015

For older minutes, please contact Maureen Mullaney. Links to the meeting agendas are posted on the calendar page of the FRCOG website on the date of the meeting.

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