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The Community Supports for Young People Workgroup’s is co-sponsored by CHIP and the Communities That Care Coalition. The CHIP goal for this group is to support and strengthen the Communities That Care Coalition in its efforts to delay the age at first use of addictive substances for all youth, with a particular focus on those disproportionately affected, including LGBTQ youth, youth of color, youth from families with low incomes and DCF-involved youth.

Community Supports for Young People Workgroup Contacts
Jen Audley Headshot.

Jen Audley

CHIP Coordinator
  • Ricia Elwell-Socci, Co-chair
    Community Action Pioneer Valley
  • Jennifer Webster, Co-chair
    BBBS of Franklin County
Meeting Minutes

Note: Meeting agendas are posted on the Meetings & Events calendar on the date of the meeting.

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