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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Interoperable Radio System (CoMIRS) is a statewide 700/800 MHz trunked radio system that serves as the statewide emergency services communications backbone. CoMIRS is used by municipal, regional and state public safety entities, providing operable and interoperable communications for over 250 public safety and transportation agencies throughout the state. The Franklin County CoMIRS Advisory Group is comprised of representatives from all first responder sectors that use interoperable radio communications.

The CoMIRS Advisory Group provides technical knowledge and subject matter expertise on emergency communications systems and their use by emergency services to the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG). The Advisory Group assists the FRCOG in identifying and addressing communication needs of user agencies (including training and equipping needs), monitoring trouble tickets pertaining to the use of the 800MHz system, and identifying 800MHz system dead spots and service gaps within the county.

During the transition from the Franklin County Emergency Communications System (FCECS) to CoMIRS, the Advisory Group will provide technical assistance in maintaining interoperability between CoMIRS and FCECS until FCECS can be fully decommissioned.

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CoMIRS Advisory Group Contacts
Dan Nietsche Headshot.

Dan Nietsche

Emergency Preparedness Planner


  • Chief Dennis Annear
    Emergency Management
  • Joe Cuneo
    Fire Service
  • Butch Garrity
    Shelburne Control
  • John Paciorek
  • Kurt Seaman
    FRCOG Radio Manager
  • Zach Smith
Meeting Minutes

For meeting minutes, please contact Dan Nietsche.

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