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The Cooperative Public Health Service Oversight Board is made up of representatives and alternates from all fifteen member communities in the district.

MEETS: Fourth Thursday of Every Month

The members’ duties include:

  • Review, debate, and endorse an annual proposed budget before it goes to the full FRCOG Council for approval
  • Review budget figures on a monthly basis during the year
  •  Provide guidance to staff on town priorities
  •  Meet with their local Board of Health regularly to update them on CPHS activities and solicit Board input
  •  Review and approve any changes in fee structure (for the health inspection towns)
  •  Participate in any hiring processes
  •  Approve any grant applications
map indicating VPHS member communities
Cooperative Public Health Service Oversight Board Contacts
Randy Crochier Headshot.

Randy Crochier

Health District Program Manager


  • Ashfield Shared: Nursing
    Caroline White
    Lynn Dole, alternate
  • Bernardston Comprehensive (minus Title 5)
    Barbara Killeen
    David Powers, alternate
  • Buckland Comprehensive
    Carmela Lanza-Weil
  • Margaret Hart, alternate
  • Charlemont Comprehensive
    Doug Telling, Chair
    Mae Tanner, alternate
  • Colrain Comprehensive
    Nina Martin-Anzuoni
    Barbara Griffin, alternate
  • Conway Comprehensive (minus Title 5)
    Kat Llamas
    Jackie Choate, alternate
  • Erving Shared: Nursing
    Jeff McAndrews
    Leo Parent, alternate
  • Gill Comprehensive
    Jeff Blomstedt
    Erica Helig, alternate
  • Heath Comprehensive
    Susan Gruen
    Sheila Litchfield, alternate
  • Hawley Comprehensive
    Hussain Hamdan
  • Leyden Comprehensive
    Beth Kuzdeba
    Michelle Giarusso, alternate
  • Monroe Comprehensive
    Alice Houghtaling
  • Dave Nash, alternate
  • Northfield Shared: Nursing
    Ali Wahlstrom
    Karen Boudreau, alternate
  • Rowe Comprehensive
    Herb Butzke
    Dan Poplawski, alternate
  • Shelburne Comprehensive
    Fred Vohr
    Ron Kelter, alternate
Meeting Minutes

Note: Meeting agendas are posted on the Meetings & Events calendar on the date of the meeting.

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