FRCOG Council

Summary: The FRCOG Council is the oversight board of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments. Its primary role is to oversee the projects and activities of the FRCOG, adopt policies, and develop and endorse the FRCOG’s annual operating budget.

Representation: The FRCOG Council is a 29-member board made up of a Select Board member or assigned representative from each member town (the 26 towns of Franklin County), two Regionally Elected members that hold three-year terms, and one representative of the Franklin Regional Planning Board, which acts in an advisory capacity on planning issues to the FRCOG.

Town Name
AshfieldKayce Warren
BernardstonStanley Garland
BucklandZachary Turner
Dena Wilmore, Alt.
Charlemont Marguerite Willis
Colrain Kevin Fox, Clerk
Eileen Savageau, Alt.
Conway John O’Rourke, V. Chair
DeerfieldHenry "Kip" Komosa
Wendy Foxmyn, Alt.
Erving William Bembury
Bryan Smith, Alt.
Gill Greg Snedeker
John Ward, Alt.
GreenfieldWilliam Martin
Eric Twarog, Alt.
HawleyHussain Hamdan
Robert Root, Alt.
HeathBrian DeVriese
LeverettBeth Adams
Leyden Michele Giarusso, Chair
MonroeAlice Houghtaling
David Gagne, Alt.
MontagueRichard Kuklewicz
Steve Ellis, Alt.
Michael Nelson, Alt.
Chris Boutwell, Alt.
New SalemWayne Hachey
NorthfieldJulia Blyth
Alexander Meisner, Alt.
Orange Gabriele Voelker
Jane Peirce, Alt.
Rowe Jennifer Morse
Janice Boudreau, Alt.
ShelburneBob Manners
Andrew Baker, Alt.
John Payne, Alt.
ShutesburyF. Ellen McKay
Elaine Puleo, Alt.
Rebecca Torres, Alt.
SunderlandTom Fydenkevez
David Pierce, Alt
WarwickDawn Magi, Vice Chair
Lawerence Pruyne, Alt.
WendellMichael Idoine,
Daniel Keller, Alt.
WhatelyLynn Sibley
Brian Domina, Alt.
Regionally Elected Jay DiPucchio
Regionally ElectedBill Perlman
Franklin Regional Planning Board AppointeeJames Basford

Voting: Per the Charter that created the FRCOG in 1997, the Council has different voting mechanisms for policy and financial issues.

Policy Issues: Simple majority vote of the quorum present.
Financial Issues: Weighted majority vote of the quorum present. Weighted votes are based on a formula that reflects a 10% weight for the Town’s share of the county’s total population (population of Franklin County ~ 72,000) and a 90% weight for its share of the total membership’s equalized property valuation (EQV) based on the latest figures available from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Current weighted votes are found here.

July 2014 1

photo 5Meetings, Minutes and Agendas: The FRCOG Council meets quarterly. Typically the meetings are held on the third Thursday of July, October, April and January. Agendas can be found on the FRCOG Meeting Calendar.

Fiscal Year 2019 Minutes & Materials

FY20 Approved Budget
FRCOG Program Updates, Winter 2019

FRCOG Programs Updates, Fall 2018
Fiscal Review for FY20 Budget Development
A Decade of Climate Resiliency Planning: A FRCOG Land Use and Natural Resources Presentation

Council Minutes, July 2018
FRCOG Programs Updates, Summer 2018
Disaster Service Leave DRAFT 2nd and Final Reading 2018.7.19
Policy Revsions DRAFT 2nd and Final Reading 2018.7.19

Fiscal Year 2018 Minutes & Materials
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FY19 Fiscal and Program Review

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Fiscal Year 2016 Minutes & Materials
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Fiscal Year 2015 Minutes & Materials
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Minutes July, 2014 Joint Pipeline Meeting DRAFT   and  Kinder Morgan Pipeline Presentation Q & A and Kinder Morgan Pipeline Materials

Important Council Documents 
FRCOG FY18 Budget Development Workbook
FRCOG FY17 Budget Development Workbook