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The Mohawk Area Public Health Coalition (MAPHCO) is the designated Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Coalition for 24 Franklin County towns and one Hampshire County town to address and continually improve public health emergency preparedness.  Fully funded by a federal grant managed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, PHEP Coalitions are designed to further preparedness planning by strategically addressing several Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities as outlined by the federal government. PHEP capabilities are addressed through planning, training, and exercises to build capacity to respond to public health emergencies, such as natural disasters and outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases.

MAPHCO, the Franklin County PHEP Coalition, exists to align planning, training, and exercises amongst our region’s public health leaders. The full coalition, consisting of Local boards of Health from each member town, meets annually in June.  Its Steering Committee, a 5-12 member subset of the full coalition, meets monthly to advise coordinating staff on planning and training needs, and to work collaboratively to enhance public health preparedness in the region.

The Planner/Coordinator for the Mohawk Area Public Heath Coalition is now Response System, Inc. The Point of contact for MAPHCO is:

Randy Cardonell
Response System, Inc.
[email protected]

Prior Meeting Minutes

Note: MAPHCO meeting notices are posted on all participating municipal websites to maintain compliance with Open Meeting Law..

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