Franklin County Transportation Planning Organization

The Franklin County Transportation Planning Organization (FCTPO) is the organization that completes the federally required tasks to remain eligible for Federal Transportation Funding. These primary tasks include developing the Transportation Improvement Program, the Unified Planning Work Program and the Long Range Regional Transportation Plan. The FCTPO’s primary role is to maintain and improve a sustainable transportation network and to be inclusive in the planning process to address transportation needs for the region and to preserve the rural character of Franklin County.

The FCTPO membership consists of the Secretary and CEO of Transportation as Chair, the Administrator of MassDOT Highway Division, FRCOG Executive Committee Chair, the Franklin Regional Transit Authority, the Mayor of Greenfield and a regionally elected sub-regional appointment from East, Central and West Franklin County. The Franklin Regional Planning Board has a seat as non-voting member.

The FCTPO meets regularly throughout the year to conduct business and follow the public participation process prior to approving federally required documents.

FCTPO Meeting Minutes
TPO minutes for July 28, 2015
TPO minutes for June 23, 2015
TPO minutes for April 15, 2015
TPO minutes for February 3, 2015

TPO minutes for March 23, 2016

TPO minutes for June 22, 2016

TPO minutes for July 25, 2016

TPO minutes for January 31, 2017

TPO Minutes for March 28, 2017

TPO draft minutes for April 25, 2017, Meeting


For older minutes, please contact Maureen Mullaney. Links to the meeting agendas are posted on the calendar page of the FRCOG website on the date of the meeting.