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The FRCOG Council is the oversight board of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments. Its primary role is to oversee the projects and activities of the FRCOG, adopt policies, and develop and endorse the FRCOG’s annual operating budget.

MEETS: Third Thursday of the new quarter

FRCOG Council membership is comprised of one Select Board member or assigned representative from each of the 26 towns of Franklin County, two Regionally Elected members with  three-year terms, and one representative of the Franklin Regional Planning Board, which acts in an advisory capacity on planning issues to the FRCOG.

The Charter that created the FRCOG in 1997 established use of different mechanisms for policy and financial votes:

  • The Council decides simple policy issues by a majority vote of the quorum present.
  • A weighted majority vote of the quorum present determines financial questions. Weighted votes are based on a formula that reflects a 10% weight for the Town’s share of the county’s total population (population of Franklin County ~ 72,000) and a 90% weight for its share of the total membership’s equalized property valuation (EQV), based on the latest figures available from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

The FRCOG Council has the following subcommittees:

The Franklin Regional Planning Board (FRPB) is an advisory board of the FRCOG. The FRPB addresses critical planning issues impacting towns and the region and makes recommendations to the FRCOG Executive Committee.

FRCOG Council Contacts
Linda Dunlavy Headshot.

Linda Dunlavy

Executive Director


Rebekah Boyd Headshot.

Rebekah Boyd

Administrative Services Coordinator


  • Ashfield
    Paul McLatchy
  • Bernardston
    Stanley Garland
    Joel Cole, alternate
  • Buckland
    Heather Butler
    Barry Del Castilho, alternate
  • Charlemont
  • Colrain
    Kevin Fox, Council Clerk/Secretary
    Joe Kurland, alternate
  • Conway
    Philip Kantor
  • Deerfield
    Trevor McDaniel, Council Chair
    Kayce Warren, alternate
  • Erving
    William Bembury
    Bryan Smith, alternate
  • Gill
    Greg Snedeker, Council Vice Chair
  • Greenfield
    Roxann Wedegartner
    Danielle Leterneau, alternate
  • Hawley
    Will Cosby
    Hussain Hamdan, alternate
  • Heath
    Brian DeVriese
  • Leverett
    Tim Shores
  • Leyden
    Michele Giarusso
  • Monroe
    Carla Davis-Little
    Marcella Stafford-Gore, alternate
  • Montague
    Richard Kuklewicz
    Steve Ellis, alternate
    Michael Nelson, alternate
    Chris Boutwell, alternate
  • New Salem
  • Northfield
    Bee Jacque
    Alexander Meisner, alternate
  • Orange
    Andrew J. Smith
  • Rowe
  • Shelburne
    Bob Manners
    Andrew Baker, alternate
  • Shutesbury
    Ellen McKay
    Rita Farrell, alternate
    Rebecca Torres, alternate
  • Sunderland
    Tom Fydenkevez
  • Warwick
    Alan Genovese
  • Wendell
    Michael Idoine
    Daniel Keller, alternate
    Glen Johnson-Mussad, alternate
  • Whately
    Brian Domina
  • Regionally Elected
    Jay DiPucchio
  • Regionally Elected
    Jane Peirce
  • Franklin Regional Planning Board Appointee
    Emily Johnson

Organizing Documents

Quarterly Updates

FRCOG Budgets

Meeting Minutes

Note: Meeting agendas are posted on the Meetings & Events calendar on the date of the meeting.

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