Mass in Motion Advisory Committee

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Student gardeners at the Pearl Rhodes school in Leyden.

Mass in Motion is a statewide movement that  promotes opportunities for healthy eating and active living in the places people live, learn, work and play.  Franklin County/North Quabbin’s  Mass in Motion initiative is connected with  the Communities That Care Coalition, which focuses on outcomes in youth health, including physical activity and nutrition.  Our Mass in Motion initiative also has the honor of being one of four communities in the Commonwealth selected for expanded funding to address chronic disease prevention in the whole population.  Early on we created a case study and inventory of best practices for Physical Activity in the Classroom.  We are still building on these efforts, and continuing to connect, document and publicize diverse efforts throughout the community that contribute to making the healthy choice the easy choice for all people in our region.

The Mass in Motion Advisory Committee monitors preventable chronic disease rates in our region, plans strategies to address them, and tracks progress, all in coordination with the work of Communities That Care and the hospital community health assessment processes. It meets quarterly. Click here to see our infographics on the factors affecting health in our region.

The Committee’s priority projects include:

  • Mapping areas of highest need in Franklin/North Quabbin

    Members of the Committee

  • Farm to Institution relationship building
  • Community Use of public spaces
  • Complete Streets—including municipal and regional policy
  • Increasing activity options or older adults
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Walking routes for recreation and transportation
  • Access to healthy foods through a healthy retail program
  • Transportation mode shift goals, which encourage people to increase cycling, walking and public transportation and reduce individual motor vehicles where possible.
  • Diabetes Prevention

Members of the Committee include:

Kickoff of the Mass in Motion Healthy Hospital Food Project at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Kickoff of the Mass in Motion Healthy Hospital Food Project at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Staff contacts:

  • Rachel Stoler, Community Health Program Manager, co-coordinator of Partnership for Youth

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