Community Action Clean Energy Consulting

Discover opportunities for energy savings!

Community Action Clean Energy Consulting Flyer

If you’re a homeowner, landlord, or renter in Franklin County, CAPV staff are available to help you determine how to best utilize Mass Save Programs, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center rebates, and discuss clean energy options for your home. Leveraging these programs may help lower your heating and cooling bills over time. Check out our new clean energy consulting services and contact us to find out more!

What to expect when you sign up

CAPV staff will work with you to determine which technologies are right for your home, and how you can maximize energy savings. Contact us to set up a site visit so we can learn more about your needs and interests.  After the assessment, we’ll provide the following:

1. An evaluation for your home that includes installation costs, energy savings, maintenance costs, and your calculated payback period

2. Information about available rebates and financial incentives for upgrades & installations

Determine your eligibility

Check out the flyer at the top of this page for income limits. If your household or your tenants fall within the income limits, you may be eligible for a variety of energy efficiency and clean energy incentives and rebates.

Call us or email us to get started:

Phone: 413-376-1140