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Complete Streets Report cover includes image of an intersection light signal button for pedestrian crossing use.

Franklin County Complete Streets Reports

These reports undertake a complete streets analysis. The concept of the “complete street” is that the roadway has safe access for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders.…
Study cover includes image of an empty park and ride lot.

Park and Ride Study (2009)

This report is to identified and evaluated potential park and ride lots throughout the county in order to provide residents travel options for their trips both in the county and…
Study cover includes photo grid of various roadways along Route 2 west.

Route 2 West Safety Study (2009)

The Route 2 West Safety Study was undertaken to provide a detailed review of potential safety issues along the 22 mile Route 2 corridor from and including the Greenfield Rotary…
Study cover includes image of an FRTA bus at a stop.

West County Transit Study (2008)

The focus of this study is to gather additional data on West County residents’ interest in and need for expanded transit services. West County Transit Study (PDF, 296 kb) West…
Cover image - text only.

Pedestrian Facility Inventory of Franklin County

This study focused on completing the first step of a Pedestrian Assessment: identifying and documenting existing facilities in specific locations and identifying gaps within the existing network. It is intended…
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