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Image of first page of guide - text only with WRHSAC logo.

Emergency Preparedness Planning in a Pandemic Workshop Toolkit

The Western Region Homeland Security Councils’ “Preparedness in a Pandemic” planning considerations workshop kit is adapted from operational guidance developed by both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Massachusetts Emergency Management…
First page of template, text only.

Public Messaging Template

Communities have tremendous responsibility for managing and coordinating emergency response. During the early stages of an emergency it is very difficult to develop timely, effective and consistent public messages. In…
Template cover image, includes photo of a first responder handing an infant over to a caregiver.

Family Reunification Plan Template

The Family Reunification Plan Template (PDF. 3.5 MB) is a result of WRHSAC’s Children in Disasters: Keeping Kids Safe project. The ability to reunify children with their families or care givers following…
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