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Archive of FRPB Executive Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2015-2017

FRPB Exec Committee Minutes 12-4-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 12-4-17
FRPB Executive Committee Minutes 10-2-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 10-2-17
FRPB Executive Committee Minutes 8-7-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 8-7-17
FRPB Exec Committee Minutes 6-5-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 6-5-17
FRPB Executive Committee Minutes 5-1-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 5-1-17
FRPB Executive Committee Minutes 3-6-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 3-6-17
FRPB Executive Committee Minutes 1-9-17
FRPB Executive Committee Agenda 1-9-17

November 7 2016 Minutes
November 7 2016 Agenda
October 3 2016 Minutes
October 3, 2016 Agenda
September 12 2016 Minutes
September 12 2016 Agenda
August 11 2016 Minutes
August 11 2016 Agenda
July 11 2016 Minutes
July 11 2016 Agenda
June 6 2016 Minutes
June 6 2016 Agenda
May 26 2016 Agenda
May 2 2106 Minutes
April 4 2016 Minutes – cancelled due to inclement weather
April 4 2016 Agenda

November 2015 Agenda
November 2015 Minutes
October 2015 Agenda
October 2015 Minutes
August 2015 Agenda
August 2015 Minutes
June 2015 Agenda
June 2015 Minutes
May 2015 Agenda
May 2015 Minutes
April 2015 Agenda
April 2015 Minutes
March 2015 Agenda
March 2015 Minutes
February 2015 Agenda
February 2015 Minutes
January 2015 Agenda
January 2015 Minutes

For older minutes, please contact Peggy Sloan or Liz Jacobson-Carroll.

Archive of FRPB Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2015 and 2016

FRPB Agenda 11-2-17
FRPB Minutes 11-2-17
FRPB Agenda 9-28-17
FRPB Minutes 9-28-17
FRPB Agenda 6-22-17
FRPB Minutes 6-22-17
FRPB Agenda 5-25-17
FRPB Minutes 5-25-17
FRPB Agenda 3-23-17
FRPB Minutes 3-23-17
FRPB Agenda 1-26-17
FRPB Minutes 1-26-17

FRPB Meeting Agenda 12-1-16
FRPB Minutes December 1, 2016 Approved.
FRPB Meeting Agenda 10-27-16
FRPB October 27, 2016 Minutes Approved 
FRPB Meeting Agenda 9-22-16
FRPB September 22, 2016 Minutes Approved
FRPB Meeting Agenda 6-23-16
FRPB June 23, 2016 Minutes Approved
FRPB Meeting Agenda 5-26-16
FRPB May 26, 2016 Minutes Approved
FRPB Meeting Agenda 4-28-16
FRPB April 28, 2016 Minutes Approved
FRPB Meeting Agenda 3-24-16
FRPB March 24, 2016 Minutes Approved
FRPB Meeting Agenda 1-28-16
FRPB January 28, 2016 Minutes Approved

FRPB January 22, 2015 Agenda
FRPB January 22, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB March 26, 2015 Agenda
FRPB March 26, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB April 23, 2015 Agenda
FRPB April 23, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB May 28, 2015 Agenda
FRPB May 28, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB June 25, 2015 Agenda
FRPB June 25, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB September 24, 2015 Agenda
FRPB September 24, 2015 Approved
FRPB October 22, 2015 Agenda
FRPB October 22, 2015 Minutes Approved
FRPB December 3, 2015 Agenda
FRPB December 3, 2015 Minutes Approved

For older minutes, please contact Peggy Sloan or Liz Jacobson-Carroll.

FRCOG FY17 Budget

In January the FRCOG Council endorsed the FRCOG’s FY2017 budget.  Budget highlights budget are:

  • 6% increase to health insurance, as voted by the Hampshire Insurance Trust.
  • OPEB payment of $150,000.
  • 2% Increase to staff wages.
  • Using new revenues and with no financial impact to towns, staffing in the Finance Department increased to include a part-time Grant Fiscal Manager.
  • Minor increases to audit costs, staff training and development, and special project costs.
  • Capital expense of $11,000 to purchase a new server and associated software and equipment.

This results in a small increase to the Regional Services Assessment of 1.7%.  There is also very little change to assessments for participation in the Municipal Service Programs:  Cooperative Purchasing, Cooperative Public Health Service, Town Accounting, and the Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program.

View the Budget and/or the Budget Development Workbook, with detailed and transparent information about the FRCOG’s finances.  FRCOG staff are always available to meet with Select Boards and/or Finance Committees and attend Town Meeting to explain the FRCOG budget.  Please contact with questions or if you would like us to attend any of your meetings.


FRCOG E-Newsletter Debuts

Click here to read our Winter Newsletter or subscribe to future issues.

FRCOG Autumn Newsletter

connrivWe are pleased to release this season’s issue of the FRCOG Newsletter. Please let us know if you would like it emailed to you by clicking here, and read the information-packed issue here: 2015 autumn newsletter

Health District Annual Meeting

The Cooperative Public Health Service celebrated its second birthday with over 50 representatives from member towns and state and regional partners at an Annual Meeting on October 30 at the Mohawk Park Restaurant in Charlemont.   Many thanks to all who attended, including member Boards of Health, Select Boards, Town Administrators, representatives from Baystate Franklin Medical Center, UMass College of Nursing, the Department of Public Health, the Communities That Care Coalition, the Opioid Task Force, local school nurses and senior center partners!     Special thanks to the band, Small Change, and to Paul, Deb and the Mohawk Park staff for a great evening.

Annual Meeting Materials:
CPHS Year in Review Slide Show2014 and a one-page version:  CPHS Year in Review Highlights
CPHS Community Health Needs Assessment 2013_14
Lyme Update 10_30_14
Opioid TF Update to CPHS 10 30 14
Health and policy memo for towns
Additional materials from the meeting will be posted here over the coming days.

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Communities That Care Speaks in DC

FRCOG Partnership For Youth Co-Coordinator Kat Allen is a speaker this week at the National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems, and Population Health in Washington DC.   The Forum is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as part of its long term mission to create a culture of health in the United States.  Kat is addressing the work of the Communities That Care Coalition, and how other hospitals and communities can work together to make a measurable difference in public health outcomes.  For more on the Coalition, click here.

Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak addresses the Forum

Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak addresses the Forum

FRCOG's Kat Allen and Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak

FRCOG’s Kat Allen and Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak

Kinder Morgan responses to FRCOG

Materials from Kinder Morgan about the proposed pipeline can be found by clicking here. They include the presentation from the July 24, 2014 public meeting and a response to questions posed by the FRCOG after the meeting.

Kinder Morgan representatives present at a public meeting at Greenfield Community College on July 24, 2014

Kinder Morgan representatives present at a public meeting at Greenfield Community College on July 24, 2014

Together We’re Ready: Massachusetts Prepared

A number of recent events have forged a spirit of togetherness throughout Massachusetts. The pride and community that residents feel across the state has inspired a renewed sense of camaraderie.

The Department of Public Health and the Franklin Regional Council of Governments are excited to celebrate Emergency Preparedness Month. We’re encouraging statewide action and teamwork to prepare your family and help your neighbor. Check out this Youtube video to see how you can get yourself and your family prepared for an emergency.

Opioid Task Force presents to FRCOG Council

Task Force Coordinator Marisa Hebble takes questions from Council Members

Task Force Coordinator Marisa Hebble takes questions from Council Members

At their July meeting, FRCOG Council Members received an update from Marisa Hebble, Coordinator of the Franklin, Hampshire and North Quabbin Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force.

To view the presentation, click here.