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Opioid Settlement Updates: June & July 2023

Ideas and related materials for spending opioid settlement funds appropriately in Franklin County: Settlement Discussion Slides at Public Health Roundtable June 2023 (PDF, 1789 KB) The Recovery Research Institute’s Addictionary:…
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February is for Heart Health

The American Heart Association has dubbed February as Heart Health Month. Due to recent news of professional athletes and heart attack, heart health—and also heart disease—may be at the top of our minds. Heart disease is the leading cause of…

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Home Heating

Staying warm in the winter is important! With rising costs, heating your home can be stressful. That’s where homeowners and renters can use fuel assistance. Click here for image in…
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Holidays and Health

  For many, the winter holiday season has a complicated relationship with the word “healthy”—either because we think we are not doing enough to maintain our health, or because we…
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