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Registration is open for agricultural business training courses


This winter, the MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources will offer two courses:

“Exploring the Small Farm Dream ”

Green field with cows

5-session course using curriculum and workbook developed by the New England Small Farm Institute.  For those who are thinking about or in the planning stages of a starting their own farm, including those who are expanding a hobby to an income-generating scale.  This course offers guidance and resources to help make informed decisions about what’s involved with owning your own farm so you can decide whether to take the plunge – and how to proceed in the first stages.

“Growing Your Farm Business Planning Course”

A course to help established farmers develop a business plan and financial projections for their farm business. This course covers topics including resource assessment, marketing strategy, financial management, risk management, quality of life, and goal setting. The course is taught by professional business planners with years of experience working with Massachusetts farms and guest speakers on current topics such as succession planning and online marketing. Enrollment is open to farmers who have been operating a farm business in Massachusetts for at least the two prior years.

Full course descriptions, course schedules, and applications are available online at


Drought Conditions Worsen in CT River Valley

On Tuesday, August 9th, MA Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Beth Card escalated the Connecticut River Valley to a Level 3-Critical Drought.

View water conservation tips, continue to follow any local city or town conservation restrictions, and monitor the drought status at:

Monkeypox Update

On August 4th, the White House declared monkeypox to be a public health emergency. 

There are many resources to learn more information about monkeypox–how it spreads, what to do if you think you have monkeypox, and precautions to take to avoid contracting monkeypox. 

More information from the website: 

Information from the CDC is HERE

Additionally, some information has been compiled in the following slides. 

Water and Wastewater Systems Study

FRCOG has just released the 2022 Franklin County Water and Wastewater Systems Study. Using grant funds from an U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), FRCOG hired the consulting firm Tighe & Bond, Inc. to assess 18 public water systems (serving areas in 15 municipalities) and 15 public wastewater facilities (serving areas in 13 municipalities). In addition, the Study evaluated three village centers without public water systems and three village centers without wastewater systems that are in need of such systems.

For more information about the Study, please contact Jessica Atwood at

FRCOG Executive Committee Has Opening for Regionally Elected Seat

The Franklin Regional Council of Governments anticipates an opening for one of two regionally elected, non-partisan leadership seats that provide guidance and oversight to our organization. The candidate(s) will be on the ballot in every Franklin County town for general election in November. The term for the seat is four years and begins in January 2023. Candidates cannot be from the same town as any of the other four  members of the Executive Committee,  which currently includes a representative from Colrain, Greenfield, and Montague, and one open seat that has yet to be appointed for the new term by the Franklin Regional Regional Planning Board.

For more information, click on the link below, and please don’t hesitate to contact Rebekah Boyd at 413-774-3167 x100 or at with questions.

Regionally Elected Seat “Job Description.”


It’s MUD SEASON! Tell us about your Dirt/Gravel Roads!

It’s MUD SEASON! Tell us about your Dirt/Gravel Roads!

The FRCOG is working with Rep. Natalie Blais to better understand the conditions of our communities’ unpaved roads and the effort/cost that goes into their maintenance and repair every year. To help with this effort, the FRCOG has created an interactive online map in which anyone can add points to show the location of known issue spots on your dirt/gravel roads:

Mark the map with locations that have reoccurring maintenance issues or that are in need of repair.   You can also upload photos and details.

Your input will help State Rep. Blais make her case in Boston about the needed funding for Western Mass unpaved roads!  For more information, contact Senior Transportation & Land Use Planner, Megan Rhodes at or (413) 774-3167 x132.