Welcome to FRCOG’s Clean Energy Webpage!

Enhanced energy efficiency and clean energy technologies can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation. Benefits to you in your home and community include:

  • Lower your energy costs now and for the future
  • Safeguard your property from rising energy costs in the future
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of global warming and climate change
  • More local jobs
  • Improved health, safety, and comfort

Several programs can help make clean energy more affordable for residential customers in Massachusetts. Information regarding offerings, eligibility requirements, and the first step for customers is available regarding each of the following topics:

For materials related to a training hosted by Sally Pick on these programs, please click here to find a recording of the training, presentation slides, and a resource sheet. 

For help navigating these resources, please feel free to contact Allison Gage at 413-774-3167 x136, or send us an email at

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In 2019, FRCOG was awarded funding by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) through the Affordable Access to Regional Coordination (AARC) Program to:

1. Increase local-level knowledge of clean and efficient energy technologies and incentive programs, and

2. Remove barriers and improve access to clean and efficient energy technologies for the low-income population.

Utilizing this grant funding, FRCOG has created a web resource of information on clean energy programs available in Franklin County.

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