Cooperative Public Health Service Oversight Board

The Cooperative Public Health Service Oversight Board is made up of representatives and alternates from all eleven member communities in the district.

Membership: For a current list of members: CPHS Oversight Board list FY17. The Board is currently co-chaired by Robert Lingle of the Charlemont Board of Health and Kathie Benson of the Leyden Board of Health.

The members’ duties include:

  • Review, debate, and endorse an annual proposed budget before it goes to the full FRCOG Council for approval.
  • Review budget figures on a monthly basis during the year.
  •  Provide guidance to staff on town priorities
  •  Meet with their local Board of Health regularly to update them on CPHS activities and solicit Board input.
  •  Review and approve any changes in fee structure (for the health inspection towns)
  •  Participate in any hiring processes
  •  Approve any grant applications
CPHS Board Meeting in Buckland Town Hall

CPHS Board Meeting in Buckland Town Hall

Click here for a copy of the Oversight Board’s Operating Procedures.

Click here for a copy of the CPHS Town-Level Health Reports.

The Oversight Board has adopted a number of regional policies and regulations, which are available here:
Title 5 (Septic) Witness Fee Policy
Private Well Permitting Policy
Food Inspection Policy
Title 5 Inspection Policy
Communicable Disease Policy
Optional Family Burial Checklist for BOHs

Meeting Agendas can be found attached to the meeting notice in the FRCOG meetings and events tab, and through the upcoming meetings noted in the right hand of this page.

meeting at State House

Oversight Board member Rob Lingle of Charlemont and Health Agent Glen Ayers meet with Rep. Paul Mark at the State House to discuss health district priorities.

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