COVID-19 Resources for Municipalities

This web page presents materials for municipal officials about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19. Resources have been identified by FRCOG staff, including Emergency Preparedness Program staff, the Mohawk Area Public Health Coalition, the Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition, and the CPHS Health District Regional Public Health Nurse. Click here for definitions of frequent terms.

These are the best places to get current information:

MA DPH Coronavirus page CDC Coronavirus siteAll MA Orders and Guidance MACC Reports for Franklin County Reopening Massachusetts Site

COVID-19 Funding Help for Municipalities

Resources for Municipalities

Information for Businesses/Employers

Information for the Public — for distribution

Local Board of Health Resources

Resources for First Responders:

Resources for Healthcare Professionals from the WM Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition: Click here

Live Map of Global Cases

FRCOG Staff Contacts:

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to identify additional resources or support for your towns: