State COVID-19 Emergency Response Funding for Local Boards of Health

The Baker-Polito Administration has allocated the FRCOG funding from a number of different sources, including the CARES Act and the Public Health Trust Fund, to local public health COVID-19 response funding.  Fighting COVID-19 requires a robust local health infrastructure. For that reason, this stream of state funding is available primarily to make sure that every town is covered for the direct management by the local health department of persons being quarantined or isolated for COVID-19.  The funding was distributed to health districts, the 14 largest cities, and regional affiliates. Use of funds is restricted to the  List of Allowable Costs as of 3_27_2020.

In Franklin County the towns and their funders are:

  • Towns accessing the funding through the Eastern Franklin Health District: Northfield, Erving, Shutesbury
  • Town accessing the funding through the Cooperative Public Health Service Health District: Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Conway, Colrain, Deerfield, Gill, Hawley, Heath, Leyden, Monroe, Rowe, Shelburne.  (Erving and Northfield are part of the public health nursing program at CPHS, but access these fund through its health inspection district)
  • Towns accessing the funding through the Foothills Health District: Whately
  • Unaffiliated Towns accessing the funding through FRCOG as a regional host: Ashfield, Greenfield, Sunderland, Montague, Leverett, Warwick, New Salem, Wendell, Orange.

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CPHS  Health District Member Towns — COVID-19 Town Reimbursement Form

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Visit the FRCOG’s Municipal COVID-19 Resource Page