Building, Plumbing, and Electrical On-Line Permitting

Looking for us in person? We are in the Transit Center at 12 Olive St, Greenfield, MA, 01031, on the 2nd floor

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Applying for a permit?    Click here to access the Log-in page for Applicants    Need help? Please read this guide: Guide to Navigating Homepage

Trying to review a permit application on behalf of your town? Click here for Local Official Log-In     If you need help, please see these guides:  Guide to Town Official Signoff Process  and   Guide for Assessors and Read Only Access

Important Information on Paying for your Permit Online:  For your convenience, you may pay for your permit online.  The bank that processes our permit fees is UniBank, and their on-line payment division is called UniPay Gold.  You may pay for your permit with either a checking account or debit or credit card.  There is a convenience fee for the use of any of these options.  However, convenience fees are much higher for credit cards than checking accounts due to credit card company rules.  The convenience fee for paying through a checking account is only 25 cents.  For full details on debit and credit card charges click here.