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It’s MUD SEASON! Tell us about your Dirt/Gravel Roads!

The FRCOG is working with Rep. Natalie Blais to better understand the conditions of our communities’ unpaved roads and the effort/cost that goes into their maintenance and repair every year. To help with this effort, the FRCOG has created an interactive online map in which anyone can add points to show the location of known issue spots on your dirt/gravel roads:

Mark the map with locations that have reoccurring maintenance issues or that are in need of repair.   You can also upload photos and details.

Your input will help State Rep. Blais make her case in Boston about the needed funding for Western Mass unpaved roads!  For more information, contact Senior Transportation & Land Use Planner, Megan Rhodes at [email protected] or (413) 774-3167 x132.


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