In response to COVID-19, FRCOG offices are closed. Staff are working remotely. Email is likely the most efficient way to reach us. You can find our contact information on the Staff page under the About link below.

Building, plumbing and wiring inspectors are available for meetings by appointment only.

All meetings, workshops and forums are cancelled or have been changed to a call-in or video format.  Please look for emails from FRCOG staff about specific meetings or on our calendar at the Meetings and Events link below.

New Pavement Preservation Technique at work in Franklin County

Any idea what this fiery machine is heading for Erving State Forest?

Hot in Place Recycling is a new paving method where high intensity propane heaters soften the existing pavement, then scarifiers dig up the pavement down an inch or so,  an emulsion is used to rejuvenate the pavement, mixing with the hot asphalt, the pavement is rolled, and all the cracks, ruts and holes are leveled.  The pavement preservation process reduces cost, is environmentally friendly, and minimizes traffic disruption.  The process is being used under FRCOG contract in Erving, Montague, and Heath this summer.  Want more information?  Email

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