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The FRCOG works to represent the needs of the region with one voice, and the scale of our advocacy changes according to need. Our advocacy may focus on specific issues or a particular project, or address the best interest of a sub-region in the county, the needs of Franklin County overall, or the needs of rural communities throughout the Commonwealth.  We often advocate for the needs of Franklin County, both at the state and federal levels, through partnerships with other mission-driven organizations.

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During Black History Month, we will learn more about the many contributions Black people have made, and share what we…

Happy New Year from all of us at the FRCOG! In the last quarter of 2023, we finalized several municipal…

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jessica Atwood as our new Director of Planning. A long-standing employee of…

Many farms across Massachusetts have been impacted by the July 2023 storms. The MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources has developed…

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The FRCOG staff have participated in the development of publications advocating on behalf of Franklin County and rural communities. Here are links to the most recent publications.

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