Vaccine Information for Franklin County

Who can get a COVID-19 vaccine now?

CHILDREN 5-11 are now eligible for vaccines.

BOOSTERS:  All MA residents over 12 who got their last dose over FIVE months ago (or two months if J and J) are eligible for a booster shot.

What are “mix and match” boosters?  “Mix and match” means getting a booster shot from a different company than the initial vaccine. In other words, people who were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson can now get a Moderna or Pfizer booster, people who were vaccinated with Pfizer can get a Moderna or J&J booster, and people who were vaccinated with Moderna can get a Pfizer or J&J booster – if they wish. People can still get boosters from the same company as their initial vaccination, as long as the booster from that company is available.

Want more info?

  • There is also info here on the FDA website with the latest updates.
  • You can see the state guidance here.
  • You can see the CDC recommendations on vaccination here.

Schedule a COVID vaccine appointment in Franklin County:

  • Check the website of BHN, a new vax bus vendor, to see all of their clinics in Western MA, including regular ones in our region.  Scroll down the main page to see the clinics — note that this page is updated on Thursdays.
  • Visit the state VaxFinder site to see where you can get which kinds of vaccine today!
  • View a flyer with Franklin County Covid-19 vaccine locations listed, with phone and web information HERE
  • Baker Pharmacy in Shelburne Falls — call 413-625-6324 to schedule.
  • Rite Aid in Greenfield has walk-in hours every day from 2-3 PM.

How to Schedule a Pop-up Vaccination Clinic at workplaces or events

  • Click here to request a Walgreens clinic at your event/location.
  • Click here to schedule a CVS clinic onsite — minimum 30 people.
  • Click here to schedule a state mobile clinic.

Homebound Vaccination

Is it very hard for you to get to a vaccination appointment? Someone can come to you to administer a vaccine. Call the State Homebound Vaccination Program phone number 833-983-0485

Vaccine Safety Information

Vaccines are safe and are one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you from getting sick from COVID-19. The vaccine doesn’t contain the virus that causes COVID-19, so it can’t make you sick. You may experience mild side effects after getting the vaccine, but this is a sign that your body is learning how to protect you. The COVID-19 vaccine was developed quickly but all of the same safety steps were followed for this vaccine that are used for all vaccines. Massachusetts has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the safety of the vaccine.

Accessing Your Vaccination Record

Need a copy of your vaccination? Your primary care provider can access your vaccination record through the MA Immunization Information System.