Western MA Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition


The FRCOG serves as the sponsoring agency/fiduciary of a 94-town Western Massachusetts Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC) funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The HMCC coordinates public health and healthcare system emergency preparedness, and provides regional coordination in times of disaster, in the four westernmost MA counties (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire).  As the sponsoring organization, FRCOG provides the HMCC with dedicated staffing for program management; project facilitation and oversight; meeting administration and support, and fiscal administration. https://www.ezgame88.com

The following link provides an Introduction to the Western MA HMCC.

For more information about the W MA HMCC, including available resources, projects, events and meetings see their website at www.region1hmcc.org.

FRCOG’s Emergency Preparedness Program staff also provide dedicated staffing to the W MA HMCC. L to R: Tracy Rogers, EPP and HMCC Program Manager; Mark Maloni, Sr. Public Health Planner and HMCC Planning and Operations Coordinator; Dan Nietsche, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and HMCC Duty Officer; Greg Lewis, Public Health Preparedness Planner and HMCC Duty Officer.