Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program

The Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program (FCCIP) provides state-mandated building, electrical, and plumbing/gas inspection services (or a subset thereof) to 16 Franklin County towns and is responsible for zoning enforcement in 15 towns.  The program’s mission is to provide participating towns with professional inspection services by certified inspectors and to be a clearinghouse for information regarding building, zoning, plumbing/gas, and wiring requirements.

Our offices are located in the John W. Olver Transit Center at 12 Olive St., Ste 2, Greenfield MA 01301 (2nd floor).   FCCIP towns we serve

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9th Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code is exclusively in effect as of January 1, 2018.   See  Amendments to the 2015 IRC and Amendments to the 2015 IBC.  Read only access to the 2015 International Codes can be obtained here.

Important Change to code: The 9th edition Residential Code has introduced new structural requirements based on snow  loads.  See:

9thedition span tables floorjoists and decks

9th Edition Rafter Span Tables for FCCIP Member Towns

9th edition Girder and Header Spans for Exterior Walls

9th edition Girder and Header Spans for Interior Walls

The 2015 Energy Code and the New Current Stretch Energy Code became exclusively in effect on Jan. 2, 2017.  See highlights and Energy training overview presented by Mark Newey of CET

     Massachusetts  Building Code     Accessibility Regulations(521CMR)

  • FCCIP’s New Solar Policy:  Because of an increase in episodes where, at the final inspection, inspectors have found that the actual roof structure was different from the submittals that accompanied the building permit application; this office has adopted the following policy:
    • Wiring inspector will not give permission to have PV system turned on until there has been a sign off from building official
    • Building officials will sign off on roof mounted solar systems when they have inspected the completed system and it is installed per the engineer’s letter.If structural improvements are required by the engineer, this will require a separate building permit and reinforcements shall be installed by a Massachusetts CSL. This work shall be inspected by the Building Official and access must be provided for the inspection. Thanks to the financial support of the Youtube mp3 site, we are able to publish new materials on the site.

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  • Plumbing and Gas-Gas Code changes effective December 5, 2014.

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Building Inspection Program Hours: 8-4 M-Fri

The Building Inspection Program is staffed with two full-time, certified Inspectors: Commissioner James Hawkins and Local Inspector Dave Roberts. Code Enforcement services include processing applications, plan reviews, project inspections, periodic inspections of public buildings, zoning review and enforcement

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Electrical Inspection Program: Hours: 7-9 AM M-Fri

Note: The FCCIP serves Greenfield, but not with on-line permitting. Shutesbury has its own wiring inspector(Mo Gregoire–413-253-7505). Tom McDonald, Inspector of Wiring, is available in his FCCIP office Monday through Friday from 7-9AM at 774-3167, ext. 115. and at his Greenfield office from 9-9:30 .

Follow this link to learn important safety information about Avoiding Home Electrical Accidents

New Electrical Fee Schedule Effective 2/11/2021 Required inspections Check a license

Plumbing and Gas Inspection Program : Hours: 7-9 AM M-Thurs

Note: The FCCIP serves Greenfield, but not with on-line permitting. Shutesbury has its own inspector(John Letourneau-413-367-0017). Andy French, Inspector of Plumbing and Gas, Master Plumber, is available in his FCCIP office Monday through Friday from 7-9AM at 774-3167, ext. 112. and at his Greenfield office from 9-9:30

 New Plumbing & Gas Fee Schedule Effective 3/1/2015 Permit Requirements Check a license


  • Setback, acreage, and frontage requirements:To learn these requirements, log in to online permitting or use the unregistered applicant login at the top of the page, use button to apply for a permit, use the drop down menu to locate property address, choose the residential permit application from bottom drop down menu. Set back, acreage, and frontage requirements will be listed in Section 1. Please cancel permit application at bottom of screen if not applying for a permit. If you cannot locate the address, or if there is no street number, please call office.
  • Grandfathered Lot Research Application

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The Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program (FCCIP) is a cooperative inspection program set up in 1975 to enable small towns to collaborate and share inspection and zoning responsibilities. The intent was to provide a full-time staff that may better serve towns than part-time inspectors. We now provide inspection services and zoning enforcement Click here for a list of towns we serve.