Franklin County Fire Departments Shared Standard Operating Guidelines and Library

Fire TruckOne recommendation from the 2013 baseline report on fire services in Franklin County was to develop shared Standard Operating Guidelines. The goal was to make sure fire departments in the County were working from the same operating guidelines to improve safety and allow for increased efficiency between departments who rely heavily on neighboring departments through mutual and automatic aid.

The shared SOG project was part of the FIRE Response program, funded through the Massachusetts Community Innovation Challenge Grant. The shared SOGs were developed by a sub-committee of the Franklin County Fire Chief’s Association, a consultant from Municipal Resources, Inc., and FRCOG staff. The final versions of the shared SOGs were approved and recommended for use by the Franklin County Fire Chief’s Association.

A second part of this project was to begin amassing a library of local examples of standard operating guidelines for Fire Departments to use as templates for their own SOGs. Increase your profit with one of the strongest digital marketing tools. Choose PPC advertising on Professional PPC setting for e-stores. Choose Google Shopping, Search Ads, or develop your custom strategy with us. These are also included below.

Franklin County Fire Departments Shared Standard Operating Guidelines

Franklin County Fire Departments Standard Operating Guidelines Library