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Kevin Hollister gets vax from Arleen Read, MRC volunteer at FC Tech School Montague 2021

Vaccine Information

“Vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in public health. Through use of vaccines, we have eradicated smallpox and nearly eliminated wild polio virus. The number of people who…

Age & Dementia Friendly Communities

Age & Dementia Friendly Communities

By 2030 one in 5 people in the in US will be age 65 or older.  In Franklin County this demographic shift is particularly rapid; while in 2010 only 15%…

image of COVID-19 coranavirus


Information and resources regarding COVID-19 prevention and treatment in Franklin County.

FRCOG staff with members of the Peer Ambassador program at Unity Park.

Partnership for Youth & Communities That Care

Partnership for Youth (PFY) promotes the health and well-being of teens in the Franklin County and North Quabbin region. PFY collaborates with school and community partners to establish and support…

Infographic that describes the roles and processes that drive the IH2 project, including: the foundation role of partners in recognizing and committing to address housing inequities; local governments in improving zoning bylaws that facilitate greater affordable housing; process indicated include: getting abandoned housing back on the market as affordable housing; increasing municipal funding for affordable housing; improving systems for housing opportunity, and reducing the barriers an incarceration history can have in accessing housing.

Improving Housing to Improve Health (IH2)

IH2 is a five-year grant-funded policy and systems change effort seeking answers to this question: How can we change our region’s policies and systems to improve access to affordable, stable…

10 essential function of public health graphic: monitor health; diagnose and investigate; inform, educate, and empower; mobilize community partnerships; develop policies; enforce laws; link to/provide care; assure competent workforce; evaluate.

Local Public Health Resources

A Board of Health works to maintain and improve the quality of life in their community by ensuring safe water, air and foods. Boards of Health: Enforce more 10+ state…

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