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image of COVID-19 coranavirus

Respiratory Illness

Information and resources regarding prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness in Franklin County.

A regional health inspector in conversation with summer camp staff member.

Pools, Summer Camps, Beaver Permits and more

Boards of Health are responsible for protecting the public health by enforcing the state standards laid out in a number of  Codes.  Some of the most important public health protections…

A picture of one of the Lyme Disease Prevention Signs the district has erected at parks, trails, and schools.

Illness and Disease

Infectious diseases cause illness, suffering and even death, and place an enormous financial and emotional burden on society. In Massachusetts, infectious disease are managed through a partnership between local boards…

Corner view of residential home.


Boards of Health are responsible for protecting the public health by enforcing minimum state standards for community sanitation. The CPHS issues permits, conducts inspections, and initiates enforcement activities when needed to…

Outdoor temporary food establishment - caterer making pizzas at an outdoor event under a tent.

Food Safety

The CPHS Regional Health Agents work to ensure safe food for residents and visitors of our member towns through regular inspections, educational programs and policy creation. We inspect restaurants, bed…

Septic Systems and Drinking Water

Septic Systems and Drinking Water

Safe, clean drinking water is one of the most important contributions to health, but in a rural area it can be easily threatened by failing or inadequate septic systems. CPHS…

Public Health Nursing Program

Public Health Nursing Program

The Public Health Nursing Program is part of several services within Cooperative Public Health Service (CPHS), a regional health district serving fifteen Boards of Health in Franklin County.  The nurses…

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