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Please note:  Only potential bidders who have requested the bid from this page with a valid email address will be automatically sent addenda and notifications that become available for the bid. Closed bids may be requested in the same manner. General information about the Collective Purchasing Program can be found on the Collective Purchasing page.

Open Bids

This list shows bids that are currently open. If you’d like to browse bids that have recently closed, use the left/right arrow controls below, or you can change “Upcoming” to show bids from a previous date forward.

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Current & Prior Bid Awards

Town of Rowe Highway Loader (awarded December, 2020)
Turners Falls HS Building Management System (awarded September, 2020)
Worthington – Starkweather Hill Rd Bridge Replacement (awarded September, 2020
Turners Falls High School – Glycol Services (awarded September, 2020)
Business Technical Assistance for COVID Impacts (awarded September, 2020)
Engineering Services for MTWP River Resiliency Projects (awarded September, 2020)
South Deerfield Fire District Site Improvements (awarded August, 2020)
Four Rivers Charter Public School Solar Installation (awarded August, 2020)
Whately Complete Streets (awarded August, 2020)
Shelburne Used Highway Truck (awarded July, 2020)
Ashfield-Watson Road Bridge Replacement (awarded July, 2020)
Northfield Elementary Electrical Improvements (awarded July, 2020)
Shelburne Brook Road Bridge Replacement (awarded July, 2020)
Fire Extinguisher Services Collective Bid (awarded June, 2020)
Ashfield Watson Rd Bridge Replacement (awarded June, 2020)
Cummington Route 112 & 9 (awarded May, 2020)
Leyden Simon Keets Road Bridge (awarded May, 2020)
Orange Water Tanks (awarded April, 2020)
Montague Complete Streets (awarded April, 2020)
Turners Falls High School Sidewalk Replacement (GMRSD) (awarded April, 2020)
Conway Maintenance Facility (awarded April, 2020)
Montague Field House Roof Replacement (awarded April, 2020)
Colrain Highway Garage Solar (NO AWARD)
Sunderland Elementary School Boiler (awarded April, 2020)
Blandford Bridges Construction (awarded December, 2019)
Brownfields Environmental Services (awarded December, 2019)
Shelburne Senior Center Expansion Coordinator (awarded December, 2019)
Rowe Bridge Replacement King’s Highway (awarded December, 2019)
Gill Elementary School Electrical Upgrades (awarded December, 2019)
Disposal of Shelburne Fire Chassis (awarded November, 2019)
Valley Flyer Marketing Campaign (awarded November, 2019)
Heath School Roof Repair (No award – October, 2019)
Leverett Paving (awarded October, 2019)
Pedestal Mount Tracking Solar PV at Hawley Fire Department (awarded September, 2019)
Conduit Excavation and Installation in Charlemont (NO AWARD)
Highway Shed Construction in Conway (awarded September, 2019)
Electrical Upgrade to Northfield Town Hall (awarded September, 2019)
Conway Blasting Services (awarded August, 2019)
Charlemont Electronics Room Construction (awarded July, 2019)
Charlemont Used Rescue Truck (awarded July, 2019)
Erving Emergency Generators (awarded March and July, 2019)
Bassett Road Bridge Preservation Shelburne (awarded July, 2019)
Call Road Bridge Replacement Colrain (awarded June, 2019)
Colrain Adamsville Bridge Replacement (awarded May, 2019)
Ashfield Apple Valley Rd Bridge Beam Repair (awarded May, 2019)
Sunderland Sanitary Manhole Construction (awarded May, 2019)
Type A Activity Buses – Franklin Cty Tech School (awarded April, 2019)
Ave A ADA Improvements Montague (awarded April, 2019)
Apple Valley Rd Bridge Replacement Ashfield (awarded April, 2019)
Heath Elementary School Sale (no award – April, 2019)
Hawley Wood Pellet Boiler System (awarded April, 2019)
Northfield Elementary School Weatherization (awarded February, 2019)
Colrain Adamsville Road Culvert Replacement (awarded December, 2018)
Drone Inspection Engineering and Support Tasks (awarded December, 2018)
Buckland Window Inserts (awarded November, 2018)
Sunderland Riverside Park (awarded November, 2018)
Colle Building Weatherization Montague (awarded October, 2018)
Shelburne Fire Upfit (awarded October, 2018)
Calcium Chloride Liquid Pretreatment for Roads (awarded September, 2018)
FCECS Radio Manager (not awarded September, 2018)
Sidewalk Replacement Montague (awarded September, 2018)
Cold Milling/Planing for Town of Leyden (awarded August, 2018)
Conduit Installation Town of Rowe (awarded August, 2018)
Franklin County Tech School Flooring Refurbish (awarded July, 2018)
Franklin County Tech School Welding Shop Expansion (awarded July, 2018)
Roadway Milling Warwick (awarded July, 2018)
Northfield Elementary School Entry Way Restoration (awarded July, 2018)
Complete Streets Improvements for Sunderland (awarded June, 2018)
Ramage Mill Riverfront Park in Monroe (awarded May, 2018)
Elevator and Lift Maintenance Services (awarded May, 2018)
Franklin County Electrical Supply Aggregation (awarded April, 2018)
Sale of Property in Town of Deerfield (awarded April, 2018)
Maxwell Road Charlemont Bridges Repairs (awarded April, 2018)
Wendell Depot Bridge Reconstruction (awarded April, 2018)
Avenue A Montague Sidewalk Reconstruction(awarded March, 2018)
Athletic Light Poles Installation at FCTS (awarded February, 2018)
Mini Split Heat Pump System for Town of Hawley (awarded December, 2017)
Low Level Outlet Valve Replacement – Monroe, MA (awarded December, 2017)
Dog Licenses for 2018 (awarded October, 2017)
Dog Tags for 2018 (awarded October, 2017)
Ashfield Town Hall Steeple Repair (awarded October, 2017)
Town of Orange Cemetery Fencing – No Award (October, 2017)
Northfield Town Hall Electrical Upgrades Phase II (awarded September, 2017)
F550 Truck for Town of Orange (awarded September, 2017)
Heavy Duty Equipment Package/Truck Body Town of Orange (awarded September, 2017)
Photovoltaic System at DPW Town of Hawley (awarded September, 2017)
Window Replacement at Rowe Library (awarded August, 2017)
Charlemont Route 8A Bridge Construction (awarded August, 2017)
Debris Clean-Up for Town of Northfield (awarded August, 2017)
Generator Maintenance Services for FCECS (awarded July, 2017)
Sidewalk Replacement Montague, MA (awarded July, 2017)
Transfer Station Upgrades Heath (awarded July, 2017)
Truck and Winter Truck Body Heath (awarded June, 2017)
Tennis Court Rehab in Shelburne, MA (awarded June, 2017)
Heavy Duty Truck and Equipment Package Town of Shelburne (awarded June, 2017)
Radio Management Services for FCECS (awarded May, 2017)
Stage Renovation at Hillcrest School, Turners Falls, MA (awarded May, 2017)
Sunderland Fire Truck (no award)
Supply and Install Generator Sets for Town of Rowe (awarded April, 2017)
Ramage Paper Mill Abatement and Demolition (awarded March, 2017)
Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Testing Services (awarded March, 2017)
Franklin County Technical School Door Handle Replacement (awarded December, 2016)
Legate Hill Rd Bridge Repair in Charlemont (awarded December, 2016)
Northfield Town Hall Electrical Upgrades Phase I (awarded November, 2016)
Development of Watershed Plan (awarded November, 2016)
Sunderland Heavy Duty Truck and Equipment Package (awarded November, 2016)
Walking Track at Erving Elementary School (not awarded)
Radio Maintenance for FCECS (awarded October, 2016)
Road Assessments for Town of Orange (awarded October, 2016)
Vinyl Siding at Erving Town Hall (awarded October, 2016)
Final Design Services for the Re-Use of the former Whately Town Hall (awarded October, 2016)
Combination Dump/Spreader Truck Body for Town of Shelburne (awarded September, 2016)
Owners Project Manager Wheeler Memorial Library, Orange, MA (awarded September, 2016)
F350 Truck Erving, MA (awarded July, 2016)
Montague Street Sidewalk Reconstruction (awarded July, 2016)
South River Restoration Conway, MA (awarded July, 2016)
Franklin County Technical School Track Surfacing (awarded July, 2016)
Ashfield Library Masonry and Roof Construction (awarded June, 2016)
Northfield Salt Shed Supply and Install (awarded June, 2016)
Heath Bray Rd. Property Sale (awarded June, 2016)
Franklin County Technical School Site Improvements (awarded May, 2016)
Construction/Repair to Mtn. Rd. Bridge in Charlemont (awarded April, 2016)
Project Manager for Usher Mill Riverfront Park in Erving, (awarded April, 2016)
Design of Wood Pellet Boiler System in Petersham MA (awarded April, 2016)
Road Assessments for Town of Charlemont (awarded April, 2016)
Engineering Design Services for Wood Pellet Boiler System at Sanderson Academy (awarded March, 2016)
Roof Replacement at Northfield Town Garage (awarded March, 2016)
Street Sweeping Services (awarded March, 2016)
Weatherization and Insulation for Town of Rowe (awarded February, 2016)
IT Support Services for Franklin Hampshire Career Centers (awarded February, 2016)
Town Hall Electrical Engineering for Town of Northfield (awarded February, 2016)
Fire Hose, Ladder and Aerial Device Testing (awarded January, 2016)
Mini Split and ERV System for Rowe Library (awarded December, 2015)
Wood Pellet Boiler System for Town of Rowe (awarded October, 2015)
Pre Development Services for Downtown Services Center (awarded September, 2015)
Wood Pellet Boiler Engineering Design Hawlemont School (awarded September, 2015)
Replacement Boiler at Erving Elementary School (awarded September, 2015)
Cold Planing/Milling for Town of Orange (awarded August, 2015)
Delivered Aggregates for Town of Shelburne (awarded August, 2015)
Land Acquisition for Town of Heath (Not awarded)
Coalition Planning Process Facilitator (awarded August, 2015)
Full Depth Reclamation for Heath (awarded July, 2015)
Cold In Place Recycling for Heath (awarded July, 2015)
Asphalt Reclamation for Conway (awarded July, 2015)
Shelburne Senior Center Feasibility Study (awarded July, 2015)
Social Marketing and Outreach Campaign for Energy Efficiency (awarded July, 2015)
Deerfield Library OPM Services (awarded June, 2015)
Elevator Maintenance Services FY16-18 (awarded June, 2015)
IT and Phone System Support (awarded June, 2015)
Tri State Bikeway Signs Fabrication and Installation (awarded May, 2015)
Erving Library Owners Project Manager Services (awarded April, 2015)
Town of Erving – International Paper Mill Feasibility Studies (awarded April, 2015)
Erving Generator Sets (awarded March, 2015)
Town of Erving International Paper Security Construction (awarded February, 2015)
Environmental Engineering in Support of Brownfields EPA (awarded February, 2015)
Western MA Scenic Byway Wayfinding Signs (awarded February, 2015)
Great Hill Tower Strengthening (awarded December, 2014)
Franklin Hampshire Career Center IT Services (awarded November, 2014)
Franklin Hampshire Career Center IT Hardware and Software (awarded November, 2014)


Prevailing Wages – FY25

Catch Basin Cleaning
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Road Construction
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Tree Work
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Prevailing Wages – FY24

Catch Basin Cleaning
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire

Road Construction
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Tree Work
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire

Elevator Repair
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Rental Equipment Operator
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

Isolated Minor and/or Emergency Repairs Unassociated with Planned Projects
Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Worcester

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