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The CPHS Regional Health Agents work to ensure safe food for residents and visitors of our member towns through regular inspections, educational programs and policy creation. We inspect restaurants, bed and breakfasts, schools, farmers markets, home kitchens, farm stands, and temporary food establishments at fairs and festivals.


The CPHS Health Agents ensure food safety through inspections of:

  • Temporary food establishments like trucks and fair food vendors
  • Home Kitchens
  • Bed and Breakfast Establishments
  • Schools
  • Farmers Market vendors who are selling anything other than whole, uncut fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs

Health Agents inspect food establishments to make sure they are clean and are following guidance on how to keep food the correct temperature, and how to prevent contamination.  To guide this work, the CPHS Oversight Board and each member Board of Health has adopted a food inspection policy.

Staff also hold Food Safety Certification trainings a few times a year (ServSafe, Choke Saver, and Food First Aid) to support our local workforce. Contact any of the agents to be put on a waiting list.

Apply for a food establishment permit
Outdoor temporary food establishment - caterer making pizzas at an outdoor event under a tent.


Randy Crochier headshot.

Randy Crochier

Health District Program Manager


Kurt Schellenberg headshot.

Kurt Schellenberg

Regional Health Agent


Jasmine Ward

Jasmine Ward

Regional Health Inspector


Boards and Committees
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