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The Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan, co-authored by the FRCOG and released in December 2015, presents goals and actions to strengthen the state’s food system. The Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan is a comprehensive assessment identifying current strengths of the Commonwealth’s food system and opportunities for improvement. “Through the recommendations in this plan, we will continue our efforts to support Massachusetts agriculture and increase access to healthy food for all of our state’s residents,” said Governor Charlie Baker.

Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan

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Regional Food System Plan: Franklin county and statewide food system projects identified lack of access to affordable farmland for new farmers and expanding farms as an issue. Through District Local Technical Assistance the FRCOG mapped and analyzed land in a four-town pilot area (Bernardston, Gill, Greenfield, and Northfield) to determine the amount of suitable town-owned land that could potentially be leased to farmers. As part of this project, the FRCOG teamed with Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust and Land for Good to offer a workshop for land owners interested in learning more about leasing land to farmers and for farmers interested in keeping their land in farming when they retire. The team also offered a training for town officials on leasing town-owned land to farmers, and options for stewarding and protecting farmland.

Municipal Farmland Leasing and Protection Presentation (PDF, 9.7 MB)

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The 2015 Franklin County Farm and Food System Project, funded by a grant from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, focused on food system infrastructure, processing, and distribution as well as on food access. The project supports the work of key organizations working toward a resilient food system in the region. Farmer outreach for this food system project was conducted via the Franklin County Farmer Survey. 


Cover of Franklin County Farm and Food System Project Plan - includes image of greens growing on a farm.
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Tamsin Flanders

Land Use and Natural Resources Planner


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Kimberly MacPhee, P.G., CFM

Land Use & Natural Resources Program Manager


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