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Bicycling is an important part of the transportation system in Franklin County, and expanding local bicycling and walking links is a focus. The FRCOG assists Franklin County communities to identify bicycle improvement projects; propose initiatives to promote healthy transportation options; and assess potential improvements to incorporate bicycling, walking, and complete streets into existing infrastructure projects. Additionally, transportation planning work emphasizes improving the built environment to support healthy communities. Safe access to places that encourage physical activity and healthy food is a priority. In addition, the development of transportation infrastructure to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is essential. The FRCOG has increasingly incorporated age-friendly and dementia-friendly components and considerations into planning.

Regional Bike Plan Update

The FRCOG is committed to improving bicycle facilities in the region and continues to look at new ways to enhance the atmosphere for bicycling. The FRCOG completed an update of the Franklin County Bikeway Plan in 2009, which outlines a network of bicycling routes throughout the region. The FRCOG will develop a Regional Bike Plan as part of the 2023 Unified Planning Work Program.  This plan will be different than the previously developed Bikeway Plan because it will look more comprehensively at ways to make the region a more comfortable place to ride a bike. The plan will include all aspects of bicycling.

The development of the Regional Bike Plan is underway. Please provide your input by taking the survey below, or offering feedback via the interactive map (link below).  We will also hold live public input sessions in the spring. Dates will be announced and posted here.

Franklin County Bikeway

The Franklin County Bikeway is a county-wide regional bicycle network. Approximately 44 miles of the network are constructed as either off-road multi-use trails (approximately 5 miles) or on-road signed shared roadway routes (approximately 44 miles). The entire network is approximately 240 miles. The routes are marked with wayfinding signs and depicted on the Franklin County Bikeway maps (Eastern Franklin County, Central Franklin County, and Western Franklin County). The maps also provide a color-coded system to inform which routes are best given their experience level.

The maps are available upon request from the FRCOG or at a variety of locations throughout the region including the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and local bike shops. Digital versions of the maps can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.

Eastern Franklin County Bikeway Map (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Central Franklin County Bikeway Map (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Western Franklin County Bikeway Map (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Cover of the 2020-2025 CEDS Plan

The Franklin County Bikeway can also be viewed online on Google Earth. To access this electronic map, you must download the FREE Google Earth application. Then click on the link below to save the Bikeway Map file to your computer. (Use File Open in Google Earth to add the map and view it.)

Bicycle Safety Campaign

Bicycling is an integral part of the regional transportation system in Franklin County and the FRCOG encourages and promotes the use of bicycles as a viable means of transportation. Safety is paramount and bicyclists can be at an increased risk when sharing the road with motorists.

To stress the importance of safety for cyclists and motorists, the FRCOG developed and launched a campaign around the message Drive Safe-Bike Safe-Together in May 2019. The campaign was aimed at educating motorists and bicyclists about the rules of the road and sharing the road. It was developed with local partners and stakeholders including the Greenfield Recreation Department, the Greenfield Police Department, and the MassBike Pioneer Valley Chapter. As part of the development of the materials for the campaign local cyclists were photographed and used as part of the messaging. Through a combination of safety posters, billboards, advertisements on the side of FRTA buses, and safety flashcards, the FRCOG was able to lay the groundwork for promoting bicycle safety.

The FRCOG continues to implement the campaign and look for new outlets to get the message out.

Bike-friendly Business Program

The FRCOG designed a Bike Friendly Business Program to recognize and promote Franklin County businesses that welcome and support the bicycling community. Bike-friendly businesses provide conveniences that support bicycling and can draw cyclists to their establishments such amenities include bike parking, water and restrooms, repair stations, snacks, bike rentals, and more. By providing these amenities participating businesses can enroll in the program and are included in Bike Friendly Business promotional materials, and receive a window logo to display that shows their participation.

Annual Bike Breakfast

The FRCOG regularly participates in Bay State Bike Week and Bike Month activities during May by hosting a breakfast for bicyclists.  The annual event is a great occasion to get together with the bicycling community and to provide an opportunity for local bicyclists to network with one another.  The event also allows FRCOG staff to receive input about the current bicycle infrastructure, and desired improvements.

We will post information about the 2024 Bike Breakfast in the coming weeks.

Bike Breakfast Flyer With Image Of Bicycle.
Audrey Boraski headshot.

Audrey Boraski

Land Use and Transportation Planner


Jack Carolan

Jack Carolan

Transportation Planner


Beth Giannini

Beth Giannini

Transportation Program Manager


Laurie Scarborough headshot.

Laurie Scarbrough

Sr. Transportation Planning Engineer



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