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The Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program (FCCIP) provides state-mandated building, electrical, and plumbing/gas inspection services (or a subset thereof) to 16 Franklin County towns and is responsible for zoning enforcement in 15 towns.  The program’s mission is to provide participating towns with professional inspection services by certified inspectors and to be a clearinghouse for information regarding building, zoning, plumbing/gas, and wiring requirements.

The FCCIP Main Phone line can be accessed at 413-774-3167 x2. Extensions for specific staff can be found at the bottom of this page.

The fax # for FCCIP is 413-774-3169.

Building Inspection Program Hours: 8-4, M-Fri

The Building Inspection Program is staffed with two full-time, certified Inspectors. Code Enforcement services include processing applications, plan reviews, project inspections, periodic inspections of public buildings, zoning review and enforcement

Electrical Inspection Program Hours: 7-9 AM, M-Fri

Note: The FCCIP serves Greenfield, but not with on-line permitting. Shutesbury has its own wiring inspector.

Plumbing and Gas Inspection Program Hours: 7-9 AM, M-Thurs

Note: The FCCIP serves Greenfield, but not with on-line permitting. Shutesbury has its own plumbing and gas inspector.

Online Permitting

The permitting software video walkthrough below will guide the viewer through setting up a new account to apply for a permit, logging into that new account, applying for a new permit, and working with existing permit applications.


Town Officials:

Important Information on Paying for your Permit Online:  For your convenience, you may pay for your permit online.  The bank that processes our permit fees is UniBank, and their on-line payment division is called UniPay Gold.  You may pay for your permit with either a checking account or debit or credit card.  There is a convenience fee for the use of any of these options.  However, convenience fees are much higher for credit cards than checking accounts due to credit card company rules.  The convenience fee for paying through a checking account is only 25 cents. Debit and credit card charges.


Chris Brothers Headshot.

Chris Brothers

On-Line Permit Administrator/Department Clerk


Andy French

Andy French

Plumbing & Gas Inspector


Jeff Gougeon Headshot.

Jeff Gougeon

Local Building Inspector


Jim Hawkins Headshot.

Jim Hawkins

Program Manager/Building Commissioner


Gabriella Klinakis

Gabriella Klinakis

Permitting Coordinator & Admin. Assistant


Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald

Electrical Inspector, Alternate


Chet Rogers

Chet Rogers

Plumbing & Gas Inspector, Alternate


Dana Spring

Dana Spring

Electrical Inspector


Boards and Committees
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