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The Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership is a cooperative association of municipalities and regional organizations working collaboratively to implement the goals of the Partnership.  The goals of the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership (MTWP) Project are to bring recognition and additional financial and technical resources to 21 municipalities in northwestern Massachusetts, primarily via special designation by the State and the U.S. Forest Service to:

  • Increase economic development related to forestry and natural resource based tourism;
  • Support the expansion of forest conservation and sustainable forestry on private lands; and
  • Improve the fiscal stability and sustainability of municipalities.

After years of planning, 17 of the 21 communities have opted into the Partnership and are realizing the benefits of working together as a region.  For the past 3 years, MTWP Partnership towns have been eligible for $20,000 town implementation grants that have been used for a variety of purposes.  These include recreation trail improvements, creation of Forest Stewardship Plans to increase carbon storage and the resiliency of town forests to climate change, planting of climate resilient trees to increase forest cover, and creation of signage for public education and to improve public safety at recreation areas supporting tourism.  The Partnership is under the direction of the MTWP Board with administration and staff support provided by the New England Forestry Foundation.

For more information link to the official project website.

Map of the MTWP region.

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