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Roadways are critical assets in the local and regional transportation network. They provide a connection between people, goods, and businesses.  The condition of the roadways directly impacts the safety and efficiency of the transportation network. Therefore, it is critical that the condition of the roadways is examined routinely and long-term planning is conducted for the maintenance.   A Pavement Management System (PMS) is a planning tool that collects and monitors information on current pavement conditions, evaluates and prioritizes alternative maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction (repair) strategies.

To complete Pavement Management System analysis, FRCOG staff inspect all paved Federal Aid roadways that are under Town jurisdiction in Franklin County, on a three-year rotating schedule. Roadways are automatically surveyed and reports are shared with the Towns as they become available. Roadways falling under Town jurisdiction are those roadways for which the Town is responsible for its repair and maintenance.

For further information please contact Laurie Scarbrough, Transportation Planning Engineer.

Road Crew Conducting Road Paving In Warwick.
Laurie Scarborough headshot.

Laurie Scarbrough

Sr. Transportation Planning Engineer


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