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The Town Accounting Program is a fee-for-service program initiated by the FRCOG in 2005 to respond to the needs of several Franklin County communities for professional accounting services. Services include warrant input, journal entries, assistance with reconciliation of cash and receivables, year-end closing entries, Free Cash certification, assistance with tax recap and Schedule A preparation.

The FRCOG currently has agreements with twelve communities, including Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Conway, Gill, Leverett, New Salem, Shelburne, Sunderland, Wendell, Whately, and Williamsburg. In conjunction with the FRCOG, eleven participating towns with populations under 2,000 have entered agreements to use the FRCOG’s MIP accounting software, and all program towns are fully converted and using MIP.  For town departments with high-speed internet access, accounting files are able to be viewed from the web.  Additional town office staff have been trained to access their town’s data on an inquiry-only basis in order to research account activity and vendor history.

Image Of Hand Using Calculator.
Bob Dean headshot.

Bob Dean

Director of Regional Services
Erin Degnan headshot.

Erin Degnan

Town Accountant Assistant
Emilee Felton headshot.

Emilee Felton

Town Accountant
Kala Fisher headshot.

Kala Fisher

Town Accountant
Mike Kociela headshot.

Mike Kociela

Town Accountant
Dara Laplante headshot.

Dara Laplante

Town Accountant
Cathryn Thomas headshot.

Cathryn Thomas

Town Accountant
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