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The FRCOG has operated and maintained traffic counting equipment since 1991, primarily to conduct state-requested counts required by our contract with MassDOT. However, fulfilling this obligation has taken only a portion of the traffic counting season, making it possible for us to use the equipment to conduct local traffic counts at no charge to our communities and support ongoing planning studies.

The FRCOG traffic recorders can collect vehicle classification and speed data at most locations. The count season typically runs between May and October. The results of the counts uploaded to the MassDOT traffic counting master database can be accessed at any time.

Traffic count requests can be made in writing (mail, fax or email) to Laurie Scarbrough, Transportation Planning Engineer.

Cover Of The 2020-2025 CEDS Plan
Ryan Clary headshot.

Ryan Clary

Sr. GIS Specialist


Laurie Scarborough headshot.

Laurie Scarbrough

Sr. Transportation Planning Engineer


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