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The FRCOG is working with the Town of Hawley to conduct a public input process to help the Town move towards securing funding to fix the conditions of the West Hawley Road Dugway.

The stretch of Route 8A (a.k.a. West Hawley Road) in Hawley, about a quarter mile south of the Charlemont line, is suffering from failing retaining walls. The existing walls, made of timber cribbing, are decades past their expiration date. This section of road, known as the Dugway, is hazardous, with narrow lanes, no shoulders, and curves that limit drivers’ and pedestrians’ ability to see oncoming traffic. Reconstructing this area will be an enormous undertaking that will need the support of the residents of Hawley.

Because Route 8A is owned and maintained by the Town of Hawley, not by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), it is the responsibility of the Town to select the preferred roadway design and find funding for the engineering and construction of all repairs and improvements. The FRCOG is supporting Hawley by conducting public outreach and, once a design has been selected, assisting with initiating a project that will be eligible for the regional Transportation Improvement Program for construction funding.

The FRCOG has conducted a survey of Hawley residents and coordinated with the Town to host a BBQ & listening event on May 29, 2024, where the community gathered to share food and share their concerns and ideas for fixing the Dugway. FRCOG staff will summarize and analyze the results of the survey and comment made at the listening event and prepare a report documenting the results of the outreach, the challenges that Hawley faces in the Dugway, and identifying a path forward to funding for design and construction of a reconstruction project.

For further information or to share your ideas for the Dugway, please contact Laurie Scarbrough, Transportation Planning Engineer.

Transportation Planning Engineer Laurie Scarbrough running a measuring wheel across the Route 8A roadway in Hawley.
FRCOG Transportation Planning Engineer Laurie Scarbrough running a measuring wheel across the Route 8A roadway in Hawley.
Aerial view of the stretch of Route 8A in Hawley
Aerial view of Route 8A in Hawley
Audrey Boraski headshot.

Audrey Boraski

Land Use and Transportation Planner


Beth Giannini

Beth Giannini

Transportation Program Manager


Laurie Scarbrough

Laurie Scarbrough

Sr. Transportation Planning Engineer


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