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Franklin County Regional Transportation Plan 2016

Click to download:

Cover Title Pages (PDF)

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2 Public Participation (PDF)

Chapter 3 Goals Perform Measures (PDF)

Chapter 4 Profile (PDF)

Chapter 5 Road Bridge (PDF)

Chapter 6 Freight (PDF)

Chapter 7 Passenger Rail (PDF)

Chapter 8 Airports (PDF)

Chapter 9 Transit (PDF)

Chapter 10 Bike Ped (PDF)

Chapter 11 Scenic Byways (PDF)

Chapter 12 Energy & Sustainability (PDF)

Chapter 13 Safety (PDF)

Chapter 14 Air Quality Conformity Updated (PDF)

Chapter 15 Recommended Projects (PDF)

Chapter 16 Financial Constraint (PDF)

Appendices (PDF)


Front Cover (Word File)

Title Pages (Word File)

Chapter 1 Introduction (Word File)

Chapter 2 Public Participation (Word File)

Chapter 3 Goals Perform Measures (Word File)

Chapter 4 Profile (Word File)

Chapter 5 Road Bridge (Word File)

Chapter 6 Freight (Word File)

Chapter 7 Passenger Rail (Word File)

Chapter 8 Airports (Word File)

Chapter 9 Transit (Word File)

Chapter 10 Bike Ped (Word File)

Chapter 11 Scenic Byways (Word File)

Chapter 12 Energy & Sustainability (Word File)

Chapter 13 Safety (Word File)

Chapter 14 Air Quality Conformity Updated (Word File)

Chapter 15 Recommended Projects (Word File)

Chapter 16 Financial Constraint (Word File)

Appendices (Word File)

Meeting Air Quality Goals in Transportation (August 2015) (PDF)